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Are you looking for a polytechnic with style and swag? Is Imo State polytechnic the place you want to be? If you value very small class sizes, close connections with faculty and fellow students, innovations, and a challenging yet supportive academic environment with broad undergraduate research and skill acquisition opportunities, then Imo State Polytechnic is the place to be.

With over 10,000 talented undergraduate students and over 2000 vibrant, youthful and talented work force, the Polytechnic is known for its stimulating, resourceful, technology oriented and collaborative environment—in the classroom, on and off campus, and all over the federation.

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At Imo State Polytechnic, academic excellence is at the fore front. Imo State Polytechnic students live in an increasingly diverse, interconnected, ever-shrinking world where borders mean less and collaboration, tolerance, hard work and inter religious, cultural and ethnic communication mean more.

The Information and Communications Technology Department of Imo State Polytechnic is accountable for the support and maintenance of all computer applications ...

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Admission and aid

Are you looking for a polytechnic with a difference and class? Then, Imo state polytechnic is the place for you. At Imo State polytechnic, we are open to enroll a diverse class of students with exceptional talents, eager to learn, bright, energetic and ready to take advantage of the numerous academic resources available at the polytechnic.

To apply to Imo State polytechnic, prospective students must purchase and fill the online application form and submit all the relevant documents.

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In line with the vision and mission of Imo State Polytechnic, which include among other things, to become the best Polytechnic in the West of Africa, providing support by ensuring adequate and conducive environment for quality teaching and learning experience, to raise leaders for the future workforce demands of Imo State and our growing national economy at large, the library has therefore come up with the following strategic plan of action that will form part of the policy of the polytechnic library.

Our mission among other things is to provide all staff and students of the polytechnic with effective and adequate access to the information content of our library in support of research and development, thereby giving the academic community a rich and independent library environment where information available can be transformed into knowledge for sustainable growth.

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