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Imo State Polytechnic Umugwo offers programmes in arts and science at National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels. In addition, the Polytechnic runs certificate courses in various entrepreneurship and vocational programmes.


All direct admission into the National Diploma (ND) programmes offered by the polytechnics in the country is done by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation board (JAMB). The final admission of the candidate rests on his/her meeting the minimum admission requirement as laid down by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). Admission into the Higher National Diploma depends on the Academic board of the Polytechnic which ensures that the candidates meet up with the minimum requirement set by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).


The Polytechnic is committed to a viewpoint that provides for the spreading of higher education whereby it can be fully equipped to offer courses in such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and industry without excluding the classics, the arts, and the sciences. The aim is to promote general and practical education in Imo State and Nigeria as a whole. With a full understanding of the skills and purpose of imparting knowledge and experience, the tutors in the Polytechnic deliver the requisite training to the students as effectively as possible.


The Polytechnic aims at assisting students develop their personalities to higher levels of human experience in an atmosphere where young men and women can grow individually, academically, and professionally through sacrifice, and self-determination.




1.            Accountancy

2.            Agricultural Technology

3.            Animal Production & Health Technology

4.            Banking and Finance

5.            Business Administration & Management

6.            Computer Science

7.            Cooperative Economics & Management

8.            Fisheries Technology

9.            Forestry and Environmental Management Technology

10.          Food Science Technology

11.          Nutrition & Dietetics

12.          Office Technology & Management

13.          Public Administration

14.          Science Laboratory Technology

15.          Statistics

16.          Agricultural Engineering/Technology

17.          Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering/Technology

18.          Chemical Engineering Technology

19.          Marketing

20.          Electrical/Electronic Engineering

21.          Estate Management& Valuation

22.          Mechanical Engineering Technology




1.            Accountancy     

2.            Agricultural Extension & Management

3.            Animal Production Technology

4.            Animal Health Technology

5.            Business Administration 

6.            Banking and Finance

7.            Computer Science

8.            Cooperative Economics

9.            Crop Production

10.          Fisheries Technology

11.          Forestry and Environmental Management Technology  

12.          Public Administration

13.          Soil Science Technology

14.          Statistics

15.          Science Laboratory Technology (Chemistry/Biochemistry)

16.          Science Laboratory   Technology (Physics/Electronics)

17.          Science Laboratory   Technology (Biology/Microbiology)


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Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo Ohaji  was established as a monotechnic by  Edict No 11 of 1979. Originally known as Imo State College of Agriculture Umuagwo, it later metamorphosed to Michael Okpara College of Agriculture and Technology in 2005, following the Constitution of a Committee by Imo State Government in March 30th 2014 to review the curricula and structure of the College. This committee was set up with a view to improving the operational capabilities of the institution, establish more courses of study, develop new techniques and skills that will help in new Research in all branches of agriculture science and technology leading to the award of ND and HND. The Polytechnic in addition to the above provides/offers courses in areas of Associate Certificate and Short Courses and training which are mounted periodically to help improve farmers’ skills, and techniques of other agricultural personnel in ministries and other parastatals of government.


It is worthy of note that Imo State Polytechnic was the first College of Agriculture in  Nigeria to have its programmes accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in 1983.

The Institution was finally upgraded to the status, of a Polytechnic in 2007 following the amendment and passage into Law by the Imo State House of Assembly, Edict No 11 of 1979 that established the Institution as a monotechnic. The Library in line with the mandate and vision of the Institution has continued to provide resources in support of teaching, Research and learning for training and development of highly skilled manpower for sustainable development in Agriculture and other related disciplines.


In line with the vision and mission of Imo State Polytechnic, which include among other things, to become the best Polytechnic in the West of Africa, providing support by ensuring adequate and conducive environment for quality teaching and learning experience, to raise leaders for the future workforce demands of Imo State and our growing national economy at large, the library has therefore come up with the following strategic plan of action that will form part of the policy of the polytechnic library.


MISSION STATEMENT:Our mission among other things is to provide all staff and students of the polytechnic with effective and adequate access to the information content of our library in support of research and development, thereby giving the academic community a rich and independent library environment where information available can be transformed into knowledge for sustainable growth.



          It is the objective of the present Administration and Management of the Polytechnic library to:

·        Provide effective library services in support of practical and sustainable research activities and development of the Polytechnic

·        Build up a balanced collection of core literature (textbooks and journals) in all the courses offered in the Polytechnic.

·        Help expand and promote existing library collection by building up a rich     collection of information resources in all fields of study in the Polytechnic.

It is our expectation therefore that the library collection will increase from its present level to at least 30,000 volumes in the next 5 years.

·        Redesign and develop the library website as well as populate it with relevant e-resources that will help supplement the existing physical library collection with a view to:

*       Identifying and developing new collections and services for addition to the existing one

*       Sourcing for more relevant information  resources and services in support of research and learning

*       Managing effectively, the information resources available in the polytechnic library

*       Seeking more innovative ways to further integrate library resources and services into the core curriculum and instruction programmes of the polytechnic.


The Library at Imo State Polytechnic seeks to provide information services that is user-friendly and influential to the advancement of teaching, learning, research. It seeks to provide the educational and reference material that students and staff need for good and efficient performance.



In order to achieve the above stated objectives, the following functional departments have been identified and established in the library:

1.     The Electronic Library Services Department (e-library)

This section will see to everything pertaining to e-books and journals and other e-resources available to the polytechnic library

2.     Readers’ Services Department

This section sees to all books in all disciplines, borrowing and lending as well as user registration issues

3.     Reference Services Department

The Reference service section will help out in the indexing and abstracting as well as referral services functions of the library.

4.     Serials/Journals Department

The serials section manages all journals, newspapers and other periodical titles

5.     Technical Services Department



This section will be responsible for acquisition, cataloguing and classification, bindery, reprography and photocopying services, the proposed bookshop and printing press services of the polytechnic.



The following list of e-resources, majority of which are free and open sources which any library can take full advantage of their existence to enrich their collection depending on the peculiar nature of their needs have been identified for inclusion into the polytechnic library website:







Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

National Geographic World





POPLINE (Population Information Online)



The polytechnic library is still developing and so the number of information materials in its collection is limited. These materials are accessible to users to browse and borrow. 


Opening Hours:


Monday to Friday        8:00 am to 6:00 pm


Saturday                     8:00 am to 1:00 pm


During Vacation          8:00 am to 4:00 pm



The library normally remains closed on Sunday and recognized public holidays

Milestones / Awards

  • Imo Poly was converted to a multi campus Institution by absorbing Imo state School Technological Skills Acquisition Institute Orlu and Imo State Cooperative College Ehime Mbano to form Imo Poly Campus Orlu and Imo Poly Campus Ehime Mbano.

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