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Imo State Polytechnic Umugwo offers programmes in arts and science at National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels. In addition, the Polytechnic runs certificate courses in various entrepreneurship and vocational programmes.


All direct admission into the National Diploma (ND) programmes offered by the polytechnics in the country is done by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation board (JAMB). The final admission of the candidate rests on his/her meeting the minimum admission requirement as laid down by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). Admission into the Higher National Diploma depends on the Academic board of the Polytechnic which ensures that the candidates meet up with the minimum requirement set by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).


The Polytechnic is committed to a viewpoint that provides for the spreading of higher education whereby it can be fully equipped to offer courses in such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and industry without excluding the classics, the arts, and the sciences. The aim is to promote general and practical education in Imo State and Nigeria as a whole. With a full understanding of the skills and purpose of imparting knowledge and experience, the tutors in the Polytechnic deliver the requisite training to the students as effectively as possible.


The Polytechnic aims at assisting students develop their personalities to higher levels of human experience in an atmosphere where young men and women can grow individually, academically, and professionally through sacrifice, and self-determination.




1.            Accountancy

2.            Agricultural Technology

3.            Animal Production & Health Technology

4.            Banking and Finance

5.            Business Administration & Management

6.            Computer Science

7.            Cooperative Economics & Management

8.            Fisheries Technology

9.            Forestry and Environmental Management Technology

10.          Food Science Technology

11.          Nutrition & Dietetics

12.          Office Technology & Management

13.          Public Administration

14.          Science Laboratory Technology

15.          Statistics

16.          Agricultural Engineering/Technology

17.          Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering/Technology

18.          Chemical Engineering Technology

19.          Marketing

20.          Electrical/Electronic Engineering

21.          Estate Management& Valuation

22.          Mechanical Engineering Technology




1.            Accountancy     

2.            Agricultural Extension & Management

3.            Animal Production Technology

4.            Animal Health Technology

5.            Business Administration 

6.            Banking and Finance

7.            Computer Science

8.            Cooperative Economics

9.            Crop Production

10.          Fisheries Technology

11.          Forestry and Environmental Management Technology  

12.          Public Administration

13.          Soil Science Technology

14.          Statistics

15.          Science Laboratory Technology (Chemistry/Biochemistry)

16.          Science Laboratory   Technology (Physics/Electronics)

17.          Science Laboratory   Technology (Biology/Microbiology)


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The Library at Imo State Polytechnic seeks to provide information services that is user-friendly and influential to the advancement of teaching, learning, research. It seeks to provide the educational and reference material that students and staff need for good and efficient performance.


The polytechnic library is still developing and so the number of information materials in its collection is limited. These materials are accessible to users to browse and borrow. 




Opening Hours:


Monday to Friday          8:00 am to 6:00 pm


Saturday                        8:00 am to 1:00 pm


During Vacation           8:00 am to 4:00 pm



The library normally remains closed on Sunday and recognized public holidays

Admissions – Apply

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Admissions – Apply

Course listing

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Course listing

Accounting Technology
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Mgmt. & Ext
Agricultural Studies & Snailery
Agricultural Technology
Air Condition & Refrigeration
Animal Health And Product
Animal Health Technology
Animal Production Technology
Architectural Technology
Banking And Finance
Building Technology
Business Administration
Chemical Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology
Community Banking
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Maintenance
Computer Operation.
Computer Science
Cooperative Economics
Crop Production And Soil
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electrical Installation
Environmental Management
Estate Management
Fisheries Technology
Food Science Technology
Forestry Technology
Home And Rural Economics
Horticulture Technology
Hospitality Management
Industrial Safety And Environmental
Machine Tools Practice
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Nutrition And Dietics
Office  Technology & Mgmt.
Petroleum Engineering Technology
Public Administration
Public Administration
Purchasing and Supply
Regional Planning
Safety and Environmental Management  
Science Laboratory Technogy
Secretarial Administration
Soil Science Technology
Vehicle Maintenance
Welding and Fabrication

Schools / Departments

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The Polytechnic has the following Schools, Departments and Programmes:





1.    ND and HND in Accounting Technology

2     ND and HND in Banking & Finance

3.    ND and HND in Business Administration

4.    ND and HND in Cooperative Economics

5.    ND in Office Technology Management

6.    ND and HND in Public Administration

7.    ND in Marketing

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1.    ND in Chemical Engineering Technology

2.    ND in Electrical Electronic Engineering Technology

3.    ND in Mechanical Engineering Technology

4.    ND in Agricultural Engineering Technology

5.    ND in Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology

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1.    ND in Estate Management and Valuation

2.    HND in Horticulture and Landscape Technology

3.    ND and HND in Forestry & Environmental Management Technology

4.    ND in Building Technology Technology

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1.    ND and HND in Computer Science

2.    ND in Food Science Technology

3.    ND in Nutrition & Dietetics

4.    ND in Science Laboratory Technology

5.    HND in Science laboratory Technology (Chemistry / Biochemistry)

6.    HND in Science laboratory Technology (Physics / Electronics)

7.    HND in Science laboratory Technology (Biology / Microbiology)

8.    ND and HND in Mathematics & Statistics

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1.    HND in Agricultural Extension and Management

2.    ND in Agricultural Technology

3.    ND in  Animal Production  & Health Technology

4.    HND in Animal Health Technology

5.    HND in Animal Production Technology

6.    HND in Crop Production

7.    HND in Soil Science

8.    ND and HND in  Fisheries Technology

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1.    ND and HND in Accounting Technology

2     ND and HND in Banking & Finance

3.    ND and HND in Business Administration

4.    ND and HND in Cooperative Economics

5.    ND in Office Technology Management

6.    ND and HND in Public Administration

7.    ND in Marketing



1.    ND and HND in Computer Science

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1.    ND and HND in Public Administration

2.    ND and HND in Business Administration

3.    ND and HND in Accountancy

4.    ND in Marketing

5.    ND and HND in Co-Operative Economics

6.    ND and HND in Banking and Finance

7.    ND in Office Technology Management

8.    ND in Animal Production and Health Technology

9.    HND in Animal Health Technology

10.  HND in Animal Production Technology

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Entry Requirements ND (Regular/Evening)Programme:

i.     Admission is through UTME and you must score a minimum of 150 and above in the just concluded

       JAMB Examination.

ii.    Must have five (5) CREDITpasses at O/level at a maximum of two sittings as specified in

      JAMB Brochure.

iii.  JAMB requirement is a minimum of four (4) relevant subject combinations which must include

      English Language and Mathematics.



Entry Requirements HND Programme:

i.    Must have ND in Relevant courses

ii.   Must have five (5) CREDIT passes at O/level at a maximum of two sittings as specified in JAMB Brochure.

iii.  A minimum of one (1) year post ND cognate working experience in field of specialization for

       those with a minimum of Lower Credit.




Schools & Academics

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Applying to any tertiary institution is a thrilling experience. The Polytechnic community is thrilled that you are considering our institution as your choice institution. Our trim but fit staff will do everything to guide you through the admission process, answer your questions as much as we can and introduce you to the Polytechnic and its community during our traditional orientation exercise. We implore you to keep a date with us during this exercise.


By choosing to enrol at Imo State Polytechnic, you are joining an institution with a rich background as the first accredited College of Agriculture (Monotechnic)  in Nigeria in 1979, a Polytechnic that has an atmosphere that is best described as one family since  its inception, a Polytechnic with a culture of academic excellence and opportunity and made all richer now as the most ICT- driven Polytechnic in the country and with a Reverend Father as Rector. Imo State Polytechnic is, indeed, an institution on the fast-lane of educational development.

Welcome to our vibrant student life programme enhanced by our beautiful campus and hospitable town of Umuagwo.


As you perfect your plans to join us, we urge you to take all application/screening deadlines seriously and to be sure you have all the materials to the admission office by the designated deadlines. This means that you must complete your clearance before entering the classroom to avoid losing your admission and/or paying unnecessary penalties. Be assured we will enforce this, so do not be caught. These are areas most student over look and most times the most costly of all the mistakes.


Please note that you have to provide  valid e-mail address, as all mails to you will be through your e-mail. Our help telephone lines will be open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (Monday to Friday). We will try to answer your questions during these periods as all calls after 4.00 pm will not be answered. Feel free to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Once again, congratulations and welcome.


Dr. Uche Ogbuokiri

Director, Admissions   



Admission Information


Schools / Departments




Registrar's Office


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If you are alumni of Imo State Polytechnic, we will like to hear from you. Please fill in the contact form below to join the great community of IMOPOLY graduates.



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Milestones / Awards

  • Imo Poly was converted to a multi campus Institution by absorbing Imo state School Technological Skills Acquisition Institute Orlu and Imo State Cooperative College Ehime Mbano to form Imo Poly Campus Orlu and Imo Poly Campus Ehime Mbano.

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