At Imo State Polytechnic, we admits residential and non-residential students.

The Student Affairs Department assists in arranging and providing not only acceptable but affordable accommodation. This is important especially to new students who, in most cases, are complete ‘strangers’ to the environment.

All residential students live in rooms usually furnished with wardrobes, writing tables, chairs and bookshelves.

With these facilities and many other developments in the Polytechnic including a standard library and ICT facility, the academic association between the students and the administration is quite cordial.

There are 7 female hostels and 2 male hostels.

The Female Hostels

A, B, C, D, E, B, Fibelle Ext, Annex

The Male Hostels

F, G, Mibelle

Students are welcomed to apply for accommodation within the campus the Students Affairs Department of the Polytechnic. Allocation of hostel rooms is done on the basis of first come first served. Students are therefore advised to apply on time as there are limited rooms available.

Click here to download Hostel Allocation Form