Welcome to home page of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Centre of Imo State Polytechnic.

The ICT Center:

a. Provides Imo State Polytechnic with core ICT Infrastructure and capability that will underpin the deployment of all future structures, systems and processes.

b. Provides a unique, scalable and dependable software plat form to enhance both management and academic functions.

c. Helps streamline and improve business processes across the Polytechnic.

d. Supports on-going staff professional development programmes

e. Provides collaborative technology training for students.

f. Supports innovation in Educational Technology, Technology Transfer & Research

g. Through the support of NetPro International (Nigeria) Limited, the ICT Centre now provides software, analytics and business intelligence services across all key touch-points in the overall student Journey. Please see image below.


The Centre uses best practice frameworks (ITIL and COBIT) in the delivery and governance of all technology services. The diagram below represents the governance of ICT in the Polytechnic.