Campus Life

Orlu Campus

The Orlu Campus, located at the heart beat of Orlu ancient kingdom, is the second largest campus of the polytechnic. The Orlu campus is known for its entrepreneurial inclination as it Houses the polytechnic best workshops. The Electrical Engineering and Building Technology workshops located at the Orlu campus is second to none.

The Orlu Ancient Kingdom is one of the fastest growing cities in Imo State with a booming economy thanks to a demand for medical, biomedical and biotechnology, energy, manufacturing, tourism, technology, and military sectors. And, our close proximity to Anambra adds both to our economy and engagement with the state and the nation at large. The high demand for education and even spread of developmental projects gave rise to the birth of the orlu Campus.

Formally known as Technical and Skill Center, Orlu, the Orlu campus is known for its serene and conducive environment for learning.

Currently, the caliber of students occupying the Orlu campus are the first and second year students in the departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building Technology and Computer Science.