Campus Life

Sports and Recreation

There are adequate facilities on campus for recreation and physical fitness. Facilities already available include a standard football field as well as facilities for track and field events. The Polytechnic also has Lawn Tennis and Basketball courts. A variety of games are available to the staff and students like handball, badminton, volleyball, etc.
The vastness of the Polytechnic campuses also encourages morning and evening jogs among staff and students. There cool areas on the school that are attractions for relaxation and healthy recreation.
Saturday mornings is always a time to look forward to as students especially those living at hostels for their football matches. This is in addition to the numerous sporting activities and competitions between faculties and departments and sometimes, clubs and fellowships
Sports Administration
There's a sports committee charged with the responsibility of the day to day general policy of the Student's sports in the polytechnic and its chaired by the Sports Secretary.
Each student is required to register for games of his or her choice and interest at the Sports Office. Students are expected to provide the following information about themselves for easy identification, selection and organization:
•    Name in full
•    Faculty/Departments and year
•    Choice of sports
•    Frequent ailment (if any)
Student athletes shall be trained to participate in the following sporting activities at local, state and national level in the country:
•    Welcome week sports
•    Old and New student competition
•    Inter-Faculty sport competition
•    Open state championship
•    NIPOGA Games for all Nigerian Polytechnics in Nigeria.
•    Inter Institution friendly games
•    Inter college games for University, Polytechnics in Nigeria