Campus Life

Students Life

At Imo State Polytechnic, students live in a vibrant, active, friendly and connected environment. Imo State Polytechnic offers countless outlets to make friends, exercise talents, and serve others. It is the norm here to be engaged in activities outside the classroom, to take on leadership roles, and to try out new pursuits and challenges.
A student on admission into Imo State Polytechnic must conduct himself or herself as a reasonable citizen in accordance with the Polytechnic's best practices, rules and other conditions put forward by the constituted authority of the Polytechnic.
It is highly imperative to note that the flagrant violation of Polytechnic rules and regulations by any student would out rightly earn such a student indefinite suspension from the institution.
Support for Students
A good number of students have a straightforward experience at educational institution but in the case of problems, Imo Poly has a well-established support. You'll also find excellent sources of information on every aspect of student life, helping you get the most out of your experience here.
For academic issues, your course adviser and Head of Department is the best person to contact in the first instance.
The Counselling and Career Services helps students with a range of situations - from the financial, practical and legal to personal issues.
The Careers Service is the first stop for careers information, from polishing your CV to assist in finding a job.
There are students of many religions background and many places of worship close to the campus - find out more from the Student Affairs Department.
The Polytechnic Clinic provides a range of medical services on campus - both for students living on campus as well as those living off campus in the case of an emergency.
From your very first day on campus, New Student Orientation will introduce you to the endless ways to step outside the classroom and your comfort zone:
•    Students are entitled to join one (or more) of the over 100 clubs & organizations in and around the campus, or start new ones.
•    Express themselves through a variety of campus media that showcase the diversity of thought, experience, interests, backgrounds, and talent of the Imo State Polytechnic Students Body.
•    Develop leadership skills, volunteer for community service, participate in spots and athletics or intramurals, raise environmental awareness, take on global citizenship, or explore your spiritual life.
In and around the Polytechnic, our recreation and relaxation halls offer plenty of personal space to stretch, study, and connect. Our residential communities bring students together in all kinds of interesting ways. In the polytechnic, we offer exquisite dining Services and a variety of fresh and healthy food choices.