Polytechnic Leadership

Director of Admissions


Dr. Uche  Ogbuokiri was appointed Director of Admissions, Imo State Polytechnic in April 2009. Upon assumption of office, he streamlined the admission process in the polytechnic and has ever since piloted and upgraded the admissions unit of the polytechnic to an enviable.Before taking up the mantle of leadership as the director of admissions in the polytechnic, Dr Ogbuokiri has worked at various establishments and parastatals.Between April 1987 and January 2000, Dr Ogbuokiri served in the following capacity:
•    Manager, Poultry Division, Lemaco Farms Limited, Kaduna (1987 -1994).
•    General Manager Designate, Nigerfirst Integrated Farms Ltd, Kaduna (1994- 1997).
•    Project Director/Manager, Samdoles Enterprises Nig. Ltd and Consultant to Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF) on Food Supply Sector Programme in Imo State (1997- 2000).
•    Also in 2005, Dr. Uche Ogbuokiri served as the Project Director, Samdoles Enterprises Nig. Ltd, that Worked with Imo State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to supply Chicks feed and supervised the brooding of the Chicks for the Graduate Youth Programme in the State.A native of Eziachi in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo state, Dr. Ogbuokiri hold the following certificates:

•    B.S.A (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture), University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA (1979).
•    M.S., (Poultry Science), Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA, (1982).
•    Ph.D., Poultry Husbandry and Disease Management, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA (1986).
•    Dr Ogbuokiri has held some notable workshops among them is the world Bank Fadama II Project between 2004 and 2010. Dr Uche ogbuokiri is the Author of the following books:
•    A Handbook on Poultry Diseases (with Clinical Illustrations of Diseases Symptoms) with Economic Importance of Diseases in Livestock Management as Pull-out.
•    A Practical Manual on Poultry Production and Livestock Farm Practice II (Poultry).He also has several journals and other publications to his credit. Among them are:
•    Effects of two field isolates of E. maxima on the pigmentation and fecal scores of broiler chickens. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems, 4(2): 98-104 (Ogbuokiri, U. D. E., 2010), Aspects of the performance of broiler chickens infected at different ages with two fields strains of E. maxima. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems, 4(2): 105-112 (Ogbuokiri, U. D. E., 2010).
•    The effects of the immunogenicity of four isolates of E. maxima on performance indices of broiler chickens. Animal Production Research Advances. 6 (1): 36-40 (Ogbuokiri, U. D. E., 2010) and many others.He is a member of the following professional bodies:
•    Poultry Science Association, Inc, Membership Directory (October 1985): Student Member.
•    Poultry Science Association, Kaduna Branch.
•    Member, Farm Management Association of Nigeria.
•    Rotary Club of Kaduna, Kawo, Kaduna.