The Information and Communications Technology Department of Imo State Polytechnic is accountable for the support and maintenance of all computer applications and systems, hardware and software that are used throughout the Polytechnic.

The ICT Department is divided into 3 Sections as follows:

1. Network Team
2. Technical Services Team
3. Software Development and Maintenance Team

Network Team

The Network team of the ICT Unit is responsible for design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of all network infrastructure in and around the polytechnic. The team makes sure that all quarters in the polytechnic have access to the internet as and when due. The network team also takes care of Wide Area Network Expansion around the polytechnic.

Technical Services Team

With the help of this team the work of the ICT department is concentrated on areas of system maintenance, customer services and disaster recovery planning and is aided by projects such as
Helpdesk Software
File Storage

Software Development and Maintenance Team

Software development team in the ICT unit of the Polytechnic runs one of the most important and responsible tasks in the Polytechnic Web services and Information Technology management.
The Team takes care of the production of software products that will be delivered, implemented, maintained and serviced. The Software Team also takes care of requirement specification writing for new software that are to be produced and for the maintenance of existing ones.
The team also provides support services to students on the Integrated Education management System (IEMS), Online Application Portal and Student Self-Service Portal (SSP).
The Team for software development strives to accomplish its work based on the following principles:
a. Taking a thorough analysis of the subject area;
b. Modeling the future software product;
c. Making sure that new software technologies and databases are used;
d. Involvement of highly skilled team of programmers and managers;
e. Â sure that Licensed software is used for development;
f. In-depth testing of finished software;
g. Maintenance and support at the stage of implementation and operation of the developed software product.