About Us

About Us

Are you looking for a polytechnic with style and swag? Is Imo State polytechnic the place you want to be? If you value very small class sizes, close connections with faculty and fellow students, innovations, and a challenging yet supportive academic environment with broad undergraduate research and skill acquisition opportunities, then Imo State Polytechnic is the place to be.

With over 10,000 talented undergraduate students and over 2000 vibrant, youthful and talented work force, the Polytechnic is known for its stimulating, resourceful, technology oriented and collaborative environment in the classroom, on and off campus, and all over the federation.

  • Mission and Vision


    To offer knowledge-based and hands-on skills training in science, technology, and innovative arts for self-reliance, food security, and sustainable development.


    To be a leading institution in education training for self employment and actualization.

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