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No More Troubles! Oguzie Assures Imo Poly

Harmonious and friendly interaction is the prime ingredient that ensures peaceful coexistence between corporate entities and their host communities. When friendly interaction is sustained both parties can have the indices of growth and development afforded by the intermingling of symbiotic goodwill. But when the relationship is everything but friendly, retardation or total absence of growth and progress becomes the result at hand. Regrettably, longstanding, solidly built friendship can be toppled if oppressive political culture, greed, avarice, and hatred are allowed to infiltrate and pollute the system. 
Fortunately, the Management of Imo State Polytechnic and the leadership of the host community have demonstrated a rare charisma in managing the situation that reared its head in the past to continue to maintain the harmonious relationship that has long existed between both parties. And being fully aware of its importance, stakeholders have not let the mantra of peace and harmony depart their lips. It was sung louder and with a rather strident voice at the 36th matriculation ceremony of the Polytechnic on December 4, 2015, when the Traditional Ruler of Umuagwo Autonomous Community, His Royal Highness, Eze Anthony Oguzie reassured the Management of the Polytechnic that Umuagwo, the host community to the Polytechnic is committed to the continuance of the cordial relationship existing between Imo State Polytechnic and Umuagwo community. 
The Royal Father who declaimed his word like a chief masquerade stressed that the people of Umuagwo are a peace-loving people. 

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