Common Curriculum

Imopoly’s Common Curriculum guides students in acquiring the skills necessary for active, critical, and creative participation in the academic life of the Polytechnic. Paramount among these skills are the abilities to think creatively and critically, and to express such thinking effectively both orally and in writing.

The Common Curriculum enables students at Imo State Polytechnic to understand the various areas of human knowledge, existence and experience.

The common curriculum in the polytechnic consists of the following parts:

           General Studies (GNS) :

The general study is a compulsory course with various themes, taught by the General Studies Department in the polytechnic. Comprised of students at all levels in their various departments, each general studies course inducts students into an intellectual discussion of substantive issues and enhances their speaking, writing, and communicative skills.

          Final Year Project :

The final year project is a class focused on developing rhetorical skills in final year students, and designed to refine and strengthen skills in critical reading, analysis, report writing, judgment, and written composition. The final year project is undertaken by all students of the polytechnic in their final years either in NDA or HND.